2016 Frosty Flourisher

2016 Frosty Flourisher

Event Divisions:

  • Mens

  • Womens

Event Details

This competition is for the "up and coming" CrossFit Competitor. Think of it as a Scaled event, for those looking to step up their competition gain and test themselves. If you are a regular RX Competitor with higher skill sets; this is NOT a competition for you. Please check out our event in April following The Opens if that is the case.

Workouts Designed for those who are participating in their first comp all the way to the athletes getting ready to move onto RX Competitions in the near future. Great day, lots of fun and an awesome experience for all. 

Join us!

Event WODS


clean and jerks x 1 attempt each minute. Score is total weight moved each minute, added together. . Only one attempt each minute


Hang Sqt Clean Box Jumps


21 15 9 Calories on Bike Deadlift bar lateral burpees


1k row 50 kb swings 50 front rack lunges 50 shoulder to overhead 1k row

Event Info:

2016 Frosty Flourisher

Date: Jan. 9, 2016

Location: 5-7 Delaware Dr Unit 3, Salem NH

Registration: 75.00




Reg Deadline Passed